Ibrahim Tokgöz represents Turkey for the Israeli Krav Magen Association. İbrahim began training in martial arts in 1982, studying Full Contact Karate, kick boxing and Muay Thai. He was awarded a Black Belt in these branches in 1986, and from 2006-2010, he studied the Escrima system (Latosa Weapon System), a Philippine martial art.

In 1996, İbrahim became interested in the Krav Maga system due to his professional activities. He attended a training program in Israel and started private lessons with Avi Abeceedon, the president of KAMI. In 2013, he was awarded the Black Belt 2nd Dan and in 2017, completed the Expert Trainer course in Israel, reaching the level of Black Belt 3rd Dan. In 2018 and 2019, he completed Expert Trainer Development programs held at the Wingate Institute in Israel and was awarded the Black Belt 4th Dan; he is the only person in Turkey and Europe to have received this degree. He holds a Senior Instructor of Martial Arts and is KAMI-certified by the Israel Wingate Institute (The Academic College at Wingate).

İbrahim TOKGÖZ has successfully represented Turkey in international tournaments, recognized at the 1992 IAKSA -European Kick Boxing Championship held in Hamburg / Germany, 71 Kg in 1992. He continues to instruct students and professionals in kick boxing, Krav Magen and other security techniques and martial arts.

He is married and has one child. He speaks English.

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