Held one-on-one with the instructor, private lessons offer additional flexibility in terms of scheduling – a great advantage for the busy professional or student.

As well, individual instruction allows the student to progress more quickly and efficiently.

When private lessons are requested, we first invite the prospective student to our studio for an introduction. We create a tailored program in line with the student’s purpose, goal and priorities, as well as their gender, age, and physical strengths and weaknesses.








We prefer to conduct private lessons in our schools. However, if mutually agreed, the location of lessons may be determined by the student; these locations may include the home, the workplace or a gym.

Private lessons are billed per hour. Students who wish to take private lessons are billed for a minimum of 10 lesson hours. Private group lessons, for a maximum of 10 people, are also available. Groups are billed for a minimum of 10 hours.

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