Unfortunately, children are sometimes subjected to physical and sexual violence and abuse. This program aims to inform them instead of frightening them, to raise their awareness, and to guide them in defending themselves.

Trainings are planned according to age groups, and the mental and physical development of students are taken into consideration. Simple and instinctive techniques are taught with realistic methods, as well as fun exercises. Consequently, students gain the ability to defend themselves using simple but effective techniques.

Krav Maga Classes improve students' physical characteristics such as speed, agility, strength, flexibility and coordination, and increase their aerobic endurance. In addition, personal safety education is closely related to human psychology: training develops environmental awareness and the ability to anticipate potential threats and dangers. It increases the student's self-confidence and also provides students with crucial skills such as immediate decision-making, calmness, self-discipline and self-control – qualities that prove valuable throughout their lives. In this respect, the program also supports the social development of students.

For previous trainings, please see the "References Section".

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