Why do men use violence against women? Because they can. A man inflicts violence on a woman – often a woman with less physical strength – thus getting what he wants, resolving his problems or disagreements, imposing his will and establishing his authority over the woman.

The cost of such violence is usually much lower for the man: women may not be able to resist due to physical, social or economic factors.

Why would a woman not defend herself when subjected to physical or sexual violence?

There are several reasons:

Women may believe that they are weak and vulnerable; that they cannot fight back against a man who is physically stronger or, if they do, that the man will overpower them.
Women believe that if they use physical force against the man, the male will increase the degree of violence and therefore it is safer to remain passive when attacked.
Thus, many women who are subjected to violence feel defeated from the very beginning. The perception that women are helpless victims also encourages the perpetrator.





Women may believe that if they appeal to the humanity of the perpetrator – even beg him – that he will relent or back down. This is usually not the case. As important, such thinking ignores the very real physical and psychological harm caused by physical violence or sexual assault.

Fortunately, men are not invincible, and women are not inevitable victims. The ability to defend oneself is not a magical gift bestowed upon specific people. It is a skill that we can all master, regardless of gender or physique, provided that we learn basic techniques.

What is Krav Magen Personal Security Training Against Violence Against Women?

This training program aims to provide women with the tactics, techniques and information that will enable them to protect themselves from potential physical and/or sexual attacks. The program includes enabling students to respond to threats both mentally and physically in an emergency with simple but effective methods of defense.

In Personal Safety Trainings for Women, students are shown which parts of the human body are the most sensitive and vulnerable to pain. This is because the goal is to hurt the attacker as much as possible, and for him to let go or flee. This will give you a chance to escape.

We teach basic strike and block techniques: rather than teaching hundreds of different techniques, we utilize basic techniques that are simple but effective; that are easy to apply by people of all genders and age groups; and that train and develop the body's natural reflexes.

In class, women are instructed on how to avoid the various grips, pulls and chokes they may encounter, whether standing or on the ground. Along with the technique of using pepper spray, we also show how students can employ various commonplace items as weapons

We test our students with “simulations” and different bad-case scenarios, and we provide realistic experiences under intense pressure and adrenaline discharge.

We carry out all instruction within the limits of "Legal Defense" (Legitimate Defense), which is a reason for compliance with the law and stated in the 1st paragraph of the 25th article of the TCK numbered 5237. When a person is subjected to violence, it is legal to defend themself and, if necessary, to respond with violence.

However, continuing violence after self-protection has been accomplished can render a person the victim of one crime, but the perpetrator of another crime. Therefore, participants are also informed regarding "Legal Defense" while applying the techniques.

At the end of the training, students find that their self-confidence has increased and is reflected in their body language. Thus, they also dispel the image of women as victims.

As we state in our slogan, “Violence Against Women Is Not Your Destiny. Learn to Protect Yourself!”

The duration of these training programs is a minimum of 4 hours, depending on the number of participants (a class should have a maximum of 20 students).

Upon request, we can introduce this training program at your institution.

The presentation, which is free of charge, consists of two sections, theoretical and practical, and takes approximately 1.5 hours. The only requirement is that there are a minimum of 20 willing participants and a suitable space.

For previous trainings and promotional presentations, please refer to the "References Section".

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