Avi Abeceedon is in the first Black Belt generation of the Israeli Krav Magen Association (KAMI) founded by Eli Avikzar. Avi served as vice president of KAMI for 15 years, and following the death of the Association’s founder, became the president of KAMI. He was awarded a 10th Dan degree by KAMI in 2014.

Avi completed the Assistant Instructor course in 1976. While in the military, he served as vice president of the Krav Maga division in the Israel Defense Forces. He later headed the Krav Maga unit of the Israeli Naval Commandos and trained most of the Elite units during this period.

Between 1992 and 1996, Avi supervised the 25 trainers who trained security guards for all the educational institutions in Israel. He provided seminars to women educators teaching self-defense techniques in Israeli schools and, from 2002, also trained security guards for the Ministry of Transportation/Airport Authorities in Haifa and Eilat, as well as the Ministry of Postal Services, and the Israel College for Security and Investigation.

Avi continues to be involved in the development of personal security systems for high-ranking and political figures both in and outside Israel. He also advises the directors of various communities in Russia and some security projects in China.

Avi holds Martial Arts Instructor and Master Trainer diplomas from the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports. He coordinates all martial arts in Israel at the Academic College at Wingate, where he also provides intensive training for instructors, coaches and master coaches.

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